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This site is primarily set up to assist Traders with a selection of exclusive MT4 Trading Tools designed & coded by CJA

Welcome to - CJA Trading Tools - NOTE: CJA Expert Advisors ( EA's ) are coded to work with 4 & 5 Digit Platforms

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Below you will find Screenshots and a brief description and information for each of the EA's, to purchase any of my MT4 EA's I require your LIVE MT4 Account number so it can be hard coded into the EA. If you are currently using a DEMO Account I will update the EA's FREE of Charge when you either open a LIVE Account or use a new DEMO Account - NOTE : You do not need a PayPal account to use PayPal. When you purchase an EA you will receive an ex4 file coded to your Account number and it will not work on any other Account !

NOTE : After purchase it is up to the Trader to check this website often to see if any of their EA's have been upgraded. If the EA has been upgraded contact CJA with your account details for a FREE upgrade.

One Click tools

Quick Scalper v3 nmc

Quick Scalper v3 nmc This trading tool uses MT4 buttons and changes color at the same time as the built in MT4 one click feature. You can achieve most trading functions directly off the chart such as setting Takeprofit, Stoploss, Market and Pending orders plus Beakeven and various Trailing Stop functions with scaling out and automatic Risk lot sizes and various ways of Closing trades on the chart it is loaded onto or every open trade on your platform, this trading tool is primarily designed for quick trades and scalping. The Quick Scalper v3 nmc display can also be easily moved to any position on the chart. Price : $120.00

Multi Trade Script

Multi Trade Script This Script allows a quick way to set multiple trades across different Currency Pairs quickly using custom lots, takeprofit and stoploss sizes for each individual trade. Price : $45.00

OnChart trades nmc

OnChart trades nmc This simple Expert Advisor allows the trader to monitor all the open trades on the MT4 platform and allows closing of indivdual trades by clicking on the individual open trade text or to close all the open trades using the "Close All" button. Price : $45.00

Profit loss EA extra nmc

Profit loss EA extra nmc This Expert Advisor allows the trader to monitor all the open trades on the total platform plus allows closing or modifcation of indivdual trades by clicking on the open trade text and the ticket number or you can close all the open trades with a single Close button. The trader can place Buy and Sell trades for the Currency Pair the EA is loaded on and also set the EA to close individual trades at preset TP & SL or have all the trades on the platform close at a preset Equity TP or SL, clicking on the ticket number of the trade text allows individual trades to be Reversed or Hedged and the EA also has a Scale out option for individual trades. This is the ideal trading tool to use for short term or longer term trading and gives control over trades as a group or individually. Price : $90.00

Basket Management 2.3

Basket Management 2.3 This Expert Advisor has the task of monitoring all the open trades on your MT4 plaform, the EA can monitor trades by the Account or the Free Margin or Equity, once the EA is LOCKED showing a Red Lock and Red border the maximum Profit and maximum Draw Down are locked to monitor how the trades are progressing, once the trades are in profit by a preset amount the EA locks the profit and then automatically trails the profit by a preset margin once the Profit Trail or the preset Takeprofit are taken then the EA can be set to send a screenshot of the locked values to the MT4 file folder if this option is not used you will loose the locked values as the EA automatically rests all Trail and DD values to zero this is done to avoid opening new trades and having them immediately close. This EA works perfectly in conjunction with Basket type scripts and eas. This EA is perfect for short and long term trades as it can control the profit/loss in either situation without the trader having to monitor the trades 24/7 in front of a screen.

NOTE: This EA can moved to anywhere on the chart. Place your mouse cursor on the header at the top of the display ( Basket Management ) and hold down your left mouse button then drag the display to any position on the chart. Price : $85.00

Simple Scalper nmc has been updated to version 1 as shown in the video below, Simple Scalper v1 nmc has built in instructions to assist the Trader with the use of the EA.

Simple Scalper v1 nmc

Simple Scalper v1 nmc This simple EA is designed for smaller time frame short term scalping trades, the code used allows for extremely fast close trade functions so is ideal for closing mutliple trades fast, if required you can also close other trades on the MT4 plaform by clicking on the Skull and Crossbones button. If short term scalping is your trading style then this is the EA for you. Price : $70.00

Close Orders by Candle Time v1 nmc

Close Orders by Candle Time v1 nmc This EA closes open orders by time, it is coded to close trades at a selected chart timeframe for either the chart the EA is loaded on or all open trades on the MT4 platform. Price : $65.00

Close Each Order by Set time v2 nmc

Close Each Order by Set time v2 nmc This EA closes each open order by time, it is coded to close trades at a time selected by the trader for either the chart the EA is loaded on or all open trades on the MT4 platform. This EA can be used to set an expiry time for Pending orders or to limit the time a trade or trades will run. The Time can be changed by clicking on the number edit box, the values are in minutes. NOTE : The Close time starts from when each Order is Opened. Price : $65.00

Pending to MA v8 nmc

Pending to MA v8 nmc This EA uses a unique Pending Order trailing function based on a combination of distance and time. This Ea can be used to straddle the current price during a period of consolidation or a news event to catch the move when it occurs. The main advantage of this EA is it allows the Pending Orders to follow the market price and the Pending Orders and will only be taken in if price exceeds the Pending offset within the preset update interval. By default the MA is set to the period of 1 which is basically Price however if required the MA can be set to any value required, for example an Exponential MA 100 could be used to trail and filter the Market Price movement. Price : $105.00

OnChart Close v1 nmc

OnChart Close v1 nmc This EA uses a unique way of closing partial lots sizes or total trades by using an on chart approach. The trades lots and close functions are activated by clicking on the text below each trade ticket number and trade open line, the lots can be quickly altered to close a portion of a trade or left at 0.00 to close the total trade. Price : $45.00

Disclaimer: If you Trade with my EAs or Scripts or take my advice including but not limited to selecting an EA or Indicator, you are doing so at your own discretion. Forex is a risky business. You may lose a substantial amount of money by taking the risk of live trading. CJA will not be held responsible for your losses or problems of any kind if the EA or Indicator is directly or indirectly responsible for any losses.
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