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Below you will find Screenshots and a brief description and information for each of the Indicators, to purchase any of my MT4 Indicators or Systems I require your LIVE MT4 Account number so it can be hard coded into the indicator. If you are currently using a DEMO Account I will update the Indicators FREE of Charge when you either open a LIVE Account or use a new DEMO Account - NOTE : You do not need a PayPal account to use PayPal. When you purchase an Indicator you will receive an ex4 file coded to your Account number and it will not work on any other Account !

NOTE : After purchase it is up to the Trader to check this website often to see if any of their indicators have been upgraded. If the indicator has been upgraded contact CJA with your account details for a FREE upgrade.

NOTE : I have updated all the indicators to the new 600+ series MT4 and the with latest build 1355 I have updated any code where required

Quad RSI & 4Period RSI

Quad RSI Candles & RSI Multi Period nmc

Quad RSI : The Quad RSI has been upgraded to make the signals easier to understand and see visually. The signals are based on 4 periods of RSI which uses a combination of RSI crossovers and RSI trend. The Quad RSI can now be setup to display 8 candles colors which comprises of 4 Sell colors and 4 Buy colors showing weak to extreme candle signals also 4 colors can be displayed for a cleaner look or for a more trend orientated view 2 candle colors. This indicator now offers preset multi colored backgrounds or a set of custom color inputs to enhance the display or it can be removed if required. A sample of some of the preset colors are displayed on the above chart. The Quad RSI Candles are MTF which allows the trader to display larger time frames such as H4 while monitoring smaller time frames such as M5/M15. The Quad RSI Signal box now has the added ability to display multipal times on the same chart to give an even better total trade overview. The trading signals and percentage levels in the Box display from the Quad RSI Candles indicator can be visually confirmed by the 4 Period RSI. Price : $120.00

RSI Multi Period nmc : The Multi Period RSI indicator has been updated to give a cleaner looking line display that is easier to use. This version also has the ability to display up to 12 RSI Periods and is MTF allowing for multi timeframe displays with preset multi colored BackGrounds using the unique one color select or a set of custom color inputs so the user can manually select the colors if required, the small MTF window display automatically updates to the main RSI window colors. The Multi Period RSI can also display RSI crossover and RSI crossing the 50 level in the form of MTF arrows displayed on the main chart and has an option to smooth the RSI lines if required. Price : $85.00

Quad RSI & RSI Multi Period nmc Deal : Buy both the Indicators as a package and pay only Price : $150.00

Signal Bars Executive

Signal Bars Executive

Signal Bars Executive : This indicator is my signature Bars indicator and has been around since 2006, this Executive version has many features, the user can select from 1 to 7 Timeframes. The latest version of Signal Bars Executive has options to display a dynamic multi colored Price and is coded to accept both 4 and 5 digit Brokers. The indicator has a selection of Alerts which have several Visual Alert & Sound Alert options, the Percentage read outs are part of the Visual Alert Display and give an indication of the Upward & Downward percentage strengths of all the displayed bars. The indicator has many display options and can be stacked to show extra time frames and the Trading information and Price can be selected in different ways or can be totally removed to create a very simple display. Different Currency Pairs and different combinations of time frames can be displayed on the same chart . Basically the Signal Bars Executive can be set up to suit most trading requirements. Please NOTE: Signal Bars Executive is primarily designed to work on Currency Pairs only it may work on Gold and Silver but the accuracy of the data is not guaranteed. Price : $120.00

Reversal Candles

Reversal Candles

Reversal Candles : The Reversal Candles have a combination of indicators working in the background to provide clean Entry Exit Signals which have 5 different settings to allow for different market conditions. The built in Percentage readings give an accurate visual of the Mini ( Current TimeFrame ) and Main trends ( M15 to H4 Averaged ) to provide an extra tool for trading decisions. The Blue Candles show Strength LONG the Red Candles show strength SHORT and the Gray Candles show a WEAKER or NEUTRAL signal. The next Candle color after a Gray Candle can show if the move is about to reverse or continue. The candles can be set to show No Signal or weak signal candles or simply the UP and DOWN candles, the No Signal candles ( Gray candles )can also be set to show 2 colors ( Grayish Blue & Grayish Pink ) so an indication of the UP or Down bias is known. The Reversal Candles are MTF which allows the trader to display larger time frames such as H4 while monitoring smaller time frames such as M5/M15. The percentage readouts have been upgraded and provide a faster more accurate response to market conditions, when at 100% the levels will now start to flash when the supporting indicators providing the signal information have reached a max / min situation warning of a possible reversal. Reversal Candles has a comprehensive Alert system that can alert on reversals and intermediate signals depending on how the trader sets it up. The Reversal Candles now has a range of preset background colors or a custom input so the trader can select their own colors and a matching display Box for the trading information all of which can be easly removed if not required. Price : $120.00

mtf countdown

mtf countdown v1.2

mtf countdown v1.2 EA & Script : This trading tool is avaliable as both an EA and Script to allow the trader the greatest flexibility so it can be used at the same time as an EA or by itself. The major difference for this countdown tool is that unlike most countdown tools is that it counts down in real time and does not require incoming tick data to update so you will never get a late update to the countdown or Alerts. Any combination of timeframes from M1 to Daily can be selected for display and Alerts. The mtf countdown can be moved to anywhere on the chart or even placed into an indicator window if required, it has a very sophisticated Alert system that allows very precise Alerts for any timeframe, for example a M15 timeframe can be setup to Alert on the last candle when it reaches 10 seconds to go or it can be set to Alert for 10 seconds for every minute for the last 3 minutes giving an early warning for each of the last 3 minutes before the end of the M15 candle. This is important as a trader needs several minutes warning of the end of higher timeframes such as H4 or Daily but probably only several seconds warning for a M5 timeframe. Price : $75.00

Hi Lo-Open Close Fib Candles

Hi Low Open Close Candles nmc

Hi Low Open Close Candles nmc : The old version of Hi Lo-Open Close Fib-Pivot Candles had limitations of 9 candles maximum for the display and the newer version did not have those limitations as you could display as many Candles as required however it did not have the data display like the early version had. The Hi Low Open Close Candles nmc has been rewritten to take advantage of the new MT4 code and now has a data list like the early version which can be accessed by clicking on a drop down arrow on the chart and it still has the Pivots and Fibs in fact everything the previous 2 versions had plus extras due to the new MT4 code. Price : $90.00

Dynamic Indicators

Dynamic Trend Bar Indicators

Dynamic Trend & Daily Trend Indicators : These 2 Dynamic Trend indicators have slightly different engine rooms providing the signals although both have PRICE as the only point of reference. The Dynamic Trend Multi Currency indicator shows the position of the current price compared to price points of reference over the last 24 hours and the Daily Dynamic Trend Multi Currency indicator shows the same type of information but uses the price in reference to price points over the last 4 days therefore giving a longer term trend view. The Dynamic Trend indicator also has a built in Popup Alert Window which has a user selectable level of Alert Settings and built in preset color selections . These Dynamic Trend indicators can be set to any currency pairs as required and have inputs to allow for brokers that have extra letters on their pairs such as GBPUSDm. Price : $180.00 for both indicators or Price : $110.00 each.

Dynamic Trend Multi Currency MTF : This version of the Dynamic Trend indicator has the same basic engine room as the above two Dynamic indicators however it uses only a single timeframe instead of a combination of timeframes, this allows the trader to load several different timeframes onto the same chart. This MTF version has all the same features as the Dynamic Trend Multi Currency indicator including the Alerts and preset color selections. Price : $110.00

Assorted Trading Tools

Assorted Trading Tools

Alert Line v1.1 indicator : This Alert Line trading tool is an indicator and allows the user to drag and drop Horizontal Lines or Trend Lines to any postion on the chart with the option of using a magic number if multiple lines are required. This Alert indicator has a full set of Alerts and it has the ability to Alert on a touch of the line or on the close of price after touching the line. Price : $75.00

Bar Chart indicator : This useful tool is a visual aid for those traders who like to use a Bar chart ( certainly us older traders like stuff bigger ) but require the ability to have the bar size automatically change as the chart is zoomed in and out. Price : $45.00

Fibo Custom indicator : This Fibo tool can be set in place very easily due to the options of Drag and Drop or the Automatic Fib settings. For the manual load the trader can simply load the Fibo Custom onto a chart then drag the diagonal trendline to any postion on the chart to set the Fib levels similar to the standard MT4 Fib tool but with the ability to set different widths styles and colors through the inputs or simply set the auto feature to true then select the timeframe and Bars back and load on the chart, if the Auto Fibs once on the chart needs to be adjusted then double click the diagonal line and drag the levels to the desired points on the chart, the Fib can be set to work off the Highest Highs Lowest Lows or Highest Close and Lowest Close. The Fibo Custom also has a set of Alerts built in for Alerting off any off the main Fib levels. Price : $90.00

Screenshot Script : The screenshot script can be set to take continous or a single screen shot with options on the minutes or seconds between screen shots and the display can be set to ( "0=Off - 1=Detailed - 2=Simple - 3=Icon" ) from detailed to invisible. It has a built in Alert to notify the trader when the screen shot sequence has finished. Price : $65.00

HiLo or Close MTF support & resistance indicator : The support and resistance indicator can be set to show previous High/Lows in any time frame or previous Close levels, this gives an excellent visual idea of where major support and resistance levels exist based on previous history to show the best areas for price reversals therefore ideal levels for entry and exit of trades, set the Periods back input to as many bars of history you require. The comments lists the levels from the most recent to the last levels and highlights the price levels as current price approaches them and Alerts can also be activated if required. Price : $90.00

MA Bar

MA Bar

MA Bar Alerts nmc : March 2018 MA Bar has been updated to have a complete set of Multi Timeframe Alerts.

MA Bar : Here is an often requested MA Bar Indicator, this example has many features, self adjusting Title Text as different MAs and Modes are selected, a built in Visual Alert where the user can select the Alert distance between the 2 MAs, this Alert colors the Bar a brighter color as the Alert distance is entered, an Arrow display if required and the option to use this MA Bar Indicator as a PRICE MA Cross setup you simply select the 1st MA input and designate it as the value number 1 to set the Price value. The double Arrow display gives an indication of the slope of the 2 MAs for each timeframe and shows whether they are sloping UP / DOWN or FLAT. Price : $45.00

Disclaimer: If you Trade with my EAs or Indicators or take my advice including but not limited to selecting an EA or Indicator, you are doing so at your own discretion. Forex is a risky business. You may lose a substantial amount of money by taking the risk of live trading. CJA will not be held responsible for your losses or problems of any kind if the EA or Indicator is directly or indirectly responsible for any losses.
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