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This site is primarily set up to assist Traders with a selection of exclusive MT4 Trading Tools designed & coded by CJA

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All of these CJA Custom MT4 Indicators have been designed and created with the Forex Trader in mind, you will find that these tools will prove to be invaluable to the Beginner and Experienced Traders alike, not only are they a working tool but have also been presented with graphics that appeal to the eye and that can make Trading decisions easier to ascertain. Please take the time to look through this site and consider what CJA Trading Tools has to offer.

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The History of Signal Bars Indicators
The Signal Bars Executive is the ultimate Signal Bars Indicator developed by CJA in 2006 the FREE version of this indicator has gone around the world and is currently used by many Traders. If you see anyone trying to SELL any Signal Bars indicators on eBay or any forex site please inform me as they are breaching my intellectual property rights and it is not theirs to SELL, CJA is the creator and CJA Trading Tools the only offical site where you can purchase the genuine Signal Bars indicators. The Signal Bars Executive has many NEW features, the ability to display MULTI CURRENCY on the same chart, a built in ALERT SYSTEM, the user can select from 1 to 7 TimeFrames to display and the number of Days the Daily Average displays can be adjusted. Look at the screenshot on the BUY Indicators page to see many of the display options that can be created to suit any trading setup.

News and updates
CJA is updating the indicators on a regular basis to improve the performance and to make the indicators easier to use and the signals if applicable easier to understand and therefore apply to your trading. Any traders who have already purchased these MT4 indicators just need to contact CJA and they will be updated for FREE. If you are a CJA customer it is recommended that you check this website on a regular basis to see if any new updates are avialable for your indicator/s. Due to the length of time and the number of CJA customers this is the only way to update the indicators as many customers now have different account information from what they had at the time of purchase.

01/11/2015 : MetaQuotes appears to have solved most of the issues with the new MT4 and hopefully it is now stable enough to continue coding and updating the Indicators, Expert Advisors and Scripts.
05/07/2017 :MT4 has released MT4 build 1090 There appears to be an issue with some indicators not loading on the chart. Come on MetaQuotes at least test the updates before releasing them, after all many of us are trading real money on your platform and cannot afford to be continually using a beta platform.

April 2024 : Please note when purchasing any of my EA's or Indicators I will check and upgrade the code to the latest MT4 build just to make sure that everything works correctly as MT4 are still providing MT4 updates and some updates could potentially impact on the code performance.

April 2024 : After saying that there would be no more MT4 updates MetaQuotes have released several updates ( some of the updates had issues ) over the last few months with the last update to be released MT4 build 1415 and all appears to be working correctly on this latest update.

July 2023 : MT5 still continues to have it's issues with the latest MT5 MetaQuote updates stopping many earlier indicators ( 2019 and back ) from working correctly. It appears MetaQuote have no interest in backwards compatibilty and on that basis I am not prepared to be too involved in any MT5 programming.
NOTE : Converting MT4 to MT5 can be a complicated task as some code functions are totally different especially in EA's and Scripts as MT5 manages trade procedures in a very different way.

Code and Programming
CJA will not generally code Trading Expert Advisors for clients as either the trading system does not convert to an EA very well or the client does not really know what is required and very few Expert Advisors can produce the results expected. Its a no win situation for both parties. CJA will however code Expert Advisors and Scripts that are used as Management Trading Tools.

What is required for CJA to program an indicator ?
#1 Make sure that your idea is not merely an unsupported thought that is something you thought you might just like, Time is money so remember the more times you change the conditions or parameters the more money it will cost.
#2 The next thing you need to be very clear about is exactly what you require in the way of inputs / conditions and Alerts etc. Supply any information you think will help to clarify the description of what you want coded, supply screenshots if possible.
#3 When you contact CJA by email to consider the programming of the indicator to be built - PLEASE READ ALL the EMAILS CAREFULLY - this can avoid so many issues with clients agreeing to certain conditions then when the indicator is finished it is not what the client wanted but it is what they asked for.
#4 CJA has a set charge out that can be discussed when the client makes contact, generally the programming is charged out by an ESTIMATE and an Hourly rate giving a likely end cost however this can only be accomplished if the client is very very sure of their requirements, any problems that arise through a code error is not charged to the client, any fine tuning or adjustments after completion of the basic indicator is charged out at an Hourly rate.
#5 Generally the indicator is supplied in ex4 form encrypted to the traders account/s. if the indicator is a customised or modified version of a CJA indicator then only the ex4 file is supplied. Each programming job is considered on its own merits as to the release of the source code and this should be discussed before the onset of programming.

Disclaimer: If you trade with my EAs or Indicators or take my advice including but not limited to selecting an EA or Indicator, you are doing so at your own discretion. Forex is a risky business. You may lose a substantial amount of money by taking the risk of live trading. CJA will not be held responsible for your losses or problems of any kind if the EA or Indicator is directly or indirectly responsible for any losses.